Definition of biocomputing in English:



mass noun
  • 1The design and construction of computers using biochemical components.

    • ‘They are difficult creatures to grow in a lab, so being able to collect them from the ocean helps his research - research that one day could allow for such ‘natural batteries’ to be incorporated into biocomputing functions.’
    • ‘He currently works for European Molecular Biological Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany, in the area of biocomputing.’
    • ‘This autonomization of DNA with respect to information means that the genome itself can be regarded as a biological computer - something demonstrated in non-biological uses of DNA in biocomputing, for instance.’
    • ‘Biocomputing is an interdisciplinary research area which links biology, computer science and engineering.’
    1. 1.1 An approach to programming that seeks to emulate or model biological processes.
      • ‘A bevy of activity in biocomputing is concerned with the formal representation and reasoning about biological pathways.’
      • ‘From sub-molecular level up to ecosystems, the BioComputing Group models biological information processing to gain insight in its concepts and to transfer those to applications.’
      • ‘Research areas include: adaptive agent simulation; adaptive computation; biocomputing; and social networks modeling.’
      • ‘With this interpretation of biocomputing the complicated ethical questions connected with concepts like artificial life and intelligence are not dealt with.’
      • ‘The Biocomputing Group at Wayne State University investigates biological and biomolecular information processing.’
    2. 1.2 Computing in a biological context or environment.
      • ‘Even the name of the field varies: Bioinformatics, theoretical biology, biocomputing, or computational biology are just a few of the terms used.’
      • ‘While its main task will be elucidating the complex structure of proteins, Makoto Taiji, chief of Riken's biocomputing team, believes it will also shine in nanotech: designing materials atom-by-atom.’
      • ‘An expert in computational biology is moving to Canada to take up a new chair in biocomputing, specializing in bioinformatics, at Wilfrid Laurier University.’
      • ‘The book is an essential source of ideas, discoveries and references for academics in biocomputing, bioinformatics researchers and computer scientists.’