Definition of biocoenosis in English:


(US biocenosis)

nounPlural biocoenoses

  • An association of different organisms forming a closely integrated community.

    • ‘Because continental breakup and collision are accompanied by a large change in area, some authors have considered equation to describe the effect of tectonics on biocenosis.’
    • ‘Whatley described a similar age structure as characteristic of low-energy biocoenosis, considered extremely rare in marine shelf environments.’
    • ‘A variety of authors have used equation to study the effect of continental breakup and collision on biocenosis.’
    • ‘This may suggest that in the Blockhouse Shale C. friendsvillensis was part of a deeper water biocoenosis than in the other known occurrences.’


Late 19th century: modern Latin, from bio- ‘life’ + Greek koinōsis ‘sharing’ (from koinos ‘common’).