Definition of bioclastic in English:



  • See bioclast

    • ‘The boundaries are sharp and erosive, removing most of the foreshore deposits of the underlying shoreface units, and are paved by a lag of bioclastic debris.’
    • ‘The middle member is dominated by gray silty shale grading upwards to bioclastic siltstone interbedded with bioclastic limestone.’
    • ‘The facies consists mainly of brownish grey laminated bioclastic packstone and thinly bedded cherts.’
    • ‘The lower part is a 6 m thick sandstone whose base is characterized by closely spaced erosion surfaces, common phosphate nodules, black quartz pebbles and fragmented bioclastic debris.’
    • ‘The bioclastic facies of the Upper Domerian and Upper Toarcian Limestone Mbrs suggest periods of shallower sedimentation above storm wave base.’