Definition of bioclast in English:



  • A fragment of a shell or fossil forming part of a sedimentary rock.

    • ‘Leperditiid shells are the dominant bioclasts and trilobite fragments are rare.’
    • ‘The offset in these two curves reflects the lengthy residence time for bioclasts in this high wave energy coastal environment, and a component of sediment recycling from older barriers.’
    • ‘The average size of bioclasts is 2-3 cm. Small volcanic clasts appear dispersed in some beds.’
    • ‘Within the upper beds of the Mount Hyatt Member bioturbation is intense and many bioclasts appear to have been rotated to high angles.’
    • ‘The erosive bases and stacking of bivalve shells indicate removal and redeposition, and suggest that these shells and other bioclasts were removed from the platform and redeposited on the slope by storms.’