Definition of biochip in English:



  • 1A microchip designed or intended to function in a biological environment, especially inside a living organism.

    • ‘As I mentioned in Biochips, Brain Imaging and Behavior, further advances in biochips will be needed before effective neuroceuticals can be developed.’
    • ‘As information from biochips and brain imaging technology becomes available it will be possible to diagnose mental disorders from the bottom up.’
    • ‘Hopefully, my talk on our emerging neurosociety and the important role that biochips and brain imaging will play in driving future societal change put this question to bed.’
    • ‘Instead the biochip offered by this company is a simplified testing kit for Enterovirus 71, a deadly disease which claimed 64 victims during a 1998 outbreak in Taiwan.’
    • ‘The convergence of information acquired from the whole biochip and advanced brain imaging technology will provide the resolution needed to develop new tools to influence human behavior.’
    • ‘To ensure American companies prosper in the coming years a focus should be placed on accelerating brain imaging and biochips technologies.’
    • ‘These stories, set in a not-to-distant future, almost all revolved around biochips planted in people's brains and their relationships with other humans, machines and animals.’
    • ‘Once we have biochips and nanotechnology that are fast enough to adapt to the cancers faster than the cancers can adapt to each new round of drug treatment then it will be possible to cure cancer.’
    • ‘Like a canary in a coal mine, the biochip will detect hazards, including biochemical threats.’
    • ‘Scientists say related technologies could be applied to the improvement of laboratory techniques, the production of biochips and detection instruments, medical image analysis and the invention of new drugs.’
    • ‘When data from advanced biochips and brain imaging are combined they will accelerate the development of neurotechnology, the set of tools that can influence the human central nervous system, especially the brain.’
    • ‘If you are a company, and you are 15 percent more efficient because you use brain scanning and biochips, the next company will have to use it.’
    • ‘With breakthroughs in biochips and brain imaging on the horizon, it might just be time to invest heavily in better, safer, non-addictive alternatives to today's recreational drugs.’
    • ‘Recent innovations include a biochip that enables more than 25 diseases to be identified simultaneously from a drop of blood.’
    • ‘As advances in brain imaging and biochips continue to expand our understanding of mental health, neurotechnology will make possible to develop neuroceuticals that can safely and effectively enhance human mental performance.’
    • ‘The breakthrough, however, could come from the development of protein biochips for diagnostic use.’
    • ‘At the core of the biochip is an optical head slightly larger than a box of matches which has many of the functions of the sophisticated confocal microscope used by molecular biologists to investigate proteins and cell components.’
    1. 1.1 A logical device analogous to the silicon chip, whose components are formed from biological molecules or structures.
      • ‘The cost of biochips will decline even more rapidly because they will be the driving low cost product that will transform every industry.’
      • ‘The biochips, used in biological computers will be capable of working in tandem with electronic circuits and perform tasks beyond the capability of present genre of computers.’
      • ‘On the contrary, the three partners from research and major industry aim to pursue their successful collaboration on electronic biochip technology.’
      • ‘But the development of an all-electric biochip has laid an important foundation for the pocket-sized laboratory.’