Definition of biocentrism in English:



mass noun
  • The view or belief that the rights and needs of humans are not more important than those of other living things.

    • ‘The well-intentioned exhortation to replace anthropocentrism with biocentrism, if pushed very far, becomes a curious contradiction.’
    • ‘I think in my biocentrism, which is a hard row to hoe in an anthropocentric, increasingly anthropogenic world.’
    • ‘Thus, a trend toward what as called biocentrism emerged.’
    • ‘Accordingly, environmental philosophers have spent the last thirty or so years pursuing various forms of nonanthropocentrism, including biocentrism and ecocentrism.’
    • ‘In the dominant U.S. worldview and value system biocentrism is counter-intuitive. The middle-class and striving to be middle-class college students I teach just don't get it.’
    • ‘It is loosely knit somewhat international movement of different groups and individuals who subscribe to the philosophy of biocentrism - that biology must be at the center of concerns as environmental activists.’
    • ‘Steve Gillett suggests a hybrid view that combines anthropocentrism as applied to terrestrial activity with biocentrism for worlds with indigenous life.’
    • ‘Paul Taylor's version of this view, which we might call biocentrism, is a deontological example.’
    • ‘Even Dear argues for the overriding importance of biocentrism.’