Definition of biocentric in English:



  • See biocentrism

    • ‘But how, they ask, in this society where rules about human behavior and morality come from the laws of the jungle where aggressive competition is deeply ingrained from kindergarten, can we survive and prosper with a biocentric outlook?’
    • ‘One of the high points for me was the discussion of anthropocentric vs. biocentric perspectives in Chapter 5; the arguments and examples presented here were enlightening.’
    • ‘We've benefited enormously from people who insist on taking a biocentric perspective, but we're not going to solve the problem if we're not going to deal with humans.’
    • ‘Bryson believes Cooper anticipates the views of both Rachel Carson and Loren Eiseley who, as scientists, find ways to use science as a means to a new biocentric environmental ethic.’
    • ‘A biocentric planetary religion that promotes ecological ethics would be ideal but I do not envision such an innovation until it is too late.’