Definition of bioacoustics in English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular The branch of acoustics concerned with sounds produced by or affecting living organisms, especially as relating to communication.

    • ‘‘We wanted to find ways to apply the high-tech side of what you can do in speech processing, which has been used in human speech processing for a decade or more, and apply those ideas to the field of bioacoustics,’ he said.’
    • ‘Somewhere along the line, I fell in with the charismatic megafauna, and now I work on the physiology, bioenergetics, behavior, and bioacoustics of marine mammals.’
    • ‘‘Their world is just being collapsed,’ said Christopher Clark, a Cornell bioacoustics scientist.’
    • ‘The lab is also internationally known for its work in bioacoustics.’
    • ‘This rather elusive nocturnal creature suggests the need for further bioacoustics studies on the entire Family Ophidiidae.’
    • ‘In 1997 Canadas and Sagarminaga expanded into bioacoustics, using a hydrophone - an underwater microphone - to study dolphin communication.’
    • ‘For more than ten years, UConn animal bioacoustics researcher Peter Scheifele has collected sounds from a threatened group of beluga whales in Canada's St. Lawrence River estuary.’
    • ‘Sonar technology, bioacoustics science to be used to detect manatees, alert boaters.’
    • ‘Dr. Whitlow Au, a bioacoustics expert at the University of Hawaii Marine Mammal Research Program, reviewed Gerstein's work for a scientific publication.’
    • ‘Also in tribute to Baptista, Kroodsma asked vocal researchers globally to pose the question in avian bioacoustics they would most like answered.’