Definition of binturong in English:



  • A tree-dwelling Asian civet with a coarse blackish coat and a muscular prehensile tail.

    Arctictis binturong, family Viverridae

    • ‘When excited, the binturongs emit a variety of grunts and hisses, say researchers.’
    • ‘Their scent glands, located near their tails, are rubbed along branches as they walk or are deliberately rubbed against upright branches to deposit an oily musk as a signal to other binturongs.’
    • ‘Only two members of the carnivore family have prehensile tails - the binturong and the kinkajou.’
    • ‘For these animals, as well as another 45 moon bears and 14 sun bears, 50 macaques, 30 gibbons, 10 crocodiles, 4 binturongs, and 200 dogs, Banglamung Wildlife Breeding Center is essentially a well-appointed refugee center.’
    • ‘Good pets, cats, dogs, things like that, not binturongs.’


Early 19th century: from Malay.