Definition of binky in English:


(also binkie)


trademark in US
  • A baby's dummy.

    ‘Daniel lay in his carriage, happily sucking a binky’
    • ‘It got really hard to convince myself that letting him keep his binky was easier than getting rid of it.’
    • ‘If they are unhappy they are given a pacifier or binky, not a dummy.’
    • ‘I was going to raise my baby without binkies, bouncy seats, or manmade beverages.’
    • ‘I've been blaming the Internet for my inability to take the binky away.’
    • ‘In the past I could lift his toddler bed in the dark, with one hand, without my glasses and find the binky in seconds.’
    • ‘For months I have had to put the binky back in her mouth.’
    • ‘When it was getting close to nap time, she grabbed her binkie, climbed into mom's lap, and put her head on her chest.’
    • ‘"My child will never have a binky after age TWO!"’
    • ‘Just yesterday he was laying on the living room floor with his binky in his mouth, clutching his stuffed animal.’