Definition of bingo in English:



  • A game in which players mark off numbers on cards as the numbers are drawn randomly by a caller, the winner being the first person to mark off all their numbers.

    as modifier ‘a bingo hall’
    • ‘Multimedia installs the slot-machine-like bingo player stations free of charge.’
    • ‘A loyal bingo player, a game she loved and hated to miss.’
    • ‘After you print out the bingo cards, you watch selected episodes to match up words and activities to your card!’
    • ‘Bermudians will still be able to gamble on horse racing, the football pools, in the bingo halls and on internet gaming sites.’
    • ‘They used to return all the money spent buying bingo cards to the players, with no rake-off.’
    • ‘Anyone who had one of the bingo cards that had been pushed through people's letterboxes could therefore play the game without buying a newspaper.’
    • ‘McKenzie has a promising career as a bingo caller if he tires of television.’
    • ‘The lucky winner of the bingo pool of E130 was Eileen Keveaney.’
    • ‘Many festivals have had performers, narrators, door prizes and a bingo game made to fit the theme.’
    • ‘The internet is a major gambling hall for punters where they play poker bingo cards whatever; gamblers even get to play lotto online.’
    • ‘The ten finalists were drawn randomly from a bingo machine and each one made their way up to the stage where they picked a key.’
    • ‘Looking more carefully, I see it is set up like a bingo card with rows and columns and animated illustrations that each has a life of its own.’
    • ‘Its profits jumped 16% as the Mecca bingo halls continued to draw in the punters.’
    • ‘Other former department stores are now a bingo hall and a billiards parlor.’
    • ‘Card games, bingo games and dart-throwing competitions, all played for money, are endemic.’
    • ‘Its members also enjoy bingo every Tuesday night with the bingo cards supplied for the entire year by the association.’
    • ‘As anyone who lives in York knows, the opening of the new bingo hall marks the end of the road for the old Rialto.’
    • ‘Once, working in a bingo hall, a caller asked him what he wanted to do with his life and Kay confessed he wasn't sure.’
    • ‘After finishing the supper there was Bingo and Door prizes, the bingo games were called by Jack Fraser assisted by Brain Close.’
    • ‘Michael Mooney from Ahena was the lucky winner of the E300 bingo jackpot in the Town Hall last Thursday night week.’
    raffle, draw, prize draw, sweepstake, sweep, lotto, tombola, drawing of lots, pools
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  • 1A call by someone who wins a game of bingo.

    • ‘Someone called out numbers and if you filled in a whole line, you yelled "Bingo" and got a set of dishes or something.’
    • ‘I was losing badly, but Jessica came within one space of winning when finally, someone yelled "Bingo!’
    • ‘We yelled "bingo!"’
    • ‘Whenever anyone yelled the magic "bingo," people groaned and just about threw their daubers around the room.’
    • ‘A beano player was excited and yelled Bingo instead of Beano and that's how Bingo was born.’
  • 2Used to express satisfaction at a sudden positive event or outcome.

    ‘Just swipe the pen over a bar code and bingo! The recorder's programmed itself’
    • ‘These guys literally dangle an Airport base station onto a DSL connection they already have, and - bingo!’
    • ‘Massage gently to mix and, bingo, you have a dose of high-protein tuna that's ready to go.’
    • ‘Pay your rent, pay your telephone, buy your groceries, see the doctor - bingo, it's gone.’
    • ‘The Angels agree to give in a little to let the player win and, bingo, you've got yourself a deal at or near $8.5 million.’
    • ‘Well, just cut the rate of interest in half three or four more times and: bingo!’
    • ‘Hearing some ruckus in Stuart's apartment, Kate peeks her head though his window from the fire escape and - bingo!’
    • ‘Joining and alighting, for two well-separated weeks; multiply up to make a year's use, and - bingo!’
    • ‘Simply look at the heels of your everyday shoes, and if the inner-heel area is wearing down faster than the rest of the heel - bingo!’
    • ‘So reunite with the old girlfriend or boyfriend and, bingo, you'll find the peace and simplicity of youth again.’
    • ‘I felt the cold metal of the electronic device rub against my warm skin, bingo!’
    • ‘A quiet Sunday at home might do wonders for both of us, and if it brings you on, then - bingo!’
    • ‘The central banker tips you off to place your bet that the bond price will go up, and, bingo!’
    • ‘Now, thanks to technology, you type in any postcode on the computer and, bingo, the name of the local MP appears in a nanosecond.’
    • ‘All King Kev needs to do now is to get his team playing like that for the full 90 minutes every week and… bingo!’
    • ‘It seemed normal practice to make up some previous experience, put in a primed friend's name and number as a reference and, bingo, work rolled in.’
    • ‘Add some scented climbers and a well thought-out colour scheme - bingo!’
    • ‘When you throw in sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, bingo!’


1920s (as exclamation): of unknown origin.