Definition of binger in English:



  • See binge

    • ‘Steady increasers accounted for a sizable minority of users (smokers: 14%, bingers: 23%, marijuana users: 25%) and represent a particularly interesting pattern of use for several reasons.’
    • ‘Saddest are reports of the death of a young acute binger who may have drunk 30 drinks at a drinking ‘game.’’
    • ‘In fact, the researchers cite three studies since 1995 indicating that the African-American community has a higher proportion of abstainers and bingers than the white population does.’
    • ‘I knew that this was a good thing, and there was no way that peer pressure was going to make a binger out of me - I wasn't as weak-willed as dear Cleo, thank God - but it was yet another thing that isolated me from normality.’
    • ‘The results of this estimation would indicate, for example, whether adolescent bingers differed from binge abstainers on some outcome, controlling for membership in the trajectory classes for the other two substances.’
    • ‘I'm a self-confessed nostalgia binger, but have never seriously had the chance to go ‘back’ to something I thought I'd left behind.’
    • ‘There's a large all-you-can-eat breakfast bar with fresh fruit for the slimmers and jambon de Bayonne for the bingers.’
    • ‘Why should the bingers be allowed to spoil things for everyone else?’
    • ‘While a solo binger will tend to underestimate his natural limits, a pair or group of lost weekenders can encourage, threaten and cajole each other to dizzying new heights of drunken tomfoolery.’
    • ‘But the existence of café bars alone is no hurdle to bingers.’