Definition of bine in English:



  • A long, flexible stem of a climbing plant, especially the hop.

    • ‘We harvest the hop bines fresh every day during the season and they are available direct from the farm shop or can be despatched by express carrier (preferably to business addresses only).’
    • ‘Thus, if Hardy ‘leant upon a coppice gate,’ Rabinowitz is ‘Ensnared at the main gate’; Hardy's line ‘The tangled bine stems scored the sky’ is ghosted in Darkling as: ‘Scores of music I / Can't hear any more…’ .’
    • ‘Bines use strong stems with stiff hairs to aid in climbing.’
    • ‘In the hop growing areas of England, hop bines (the full length of the hop plant, twined up a string) have always been used for decoration along the beams of old farmhouse kitchens, on top of dressers and over the bar in pubs and hotels.’
    • ‘Passion fruits. The bines are tangled.’
    stem, shoot, trunk, stock, cane, bent, haulm, straw, reed
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Early 19th century: originally a dialect form of bind.