Definition of binder in English:



  • 1A cover for holding magazines or loose sheets of paper together.

    • ‘If the image is adequate, it is downloaded onto digital imaging software that can organize the photographs more efficiently than paper binders and take up only virtual space.’
    • ‘Anyways, Alex had finished laying out the contents on the table - piles of photo folders, a couple of plastic sheets, and a binder.’
    • ‘As Mom drove and rattled on endlessly about how wonderful her high school years were, I studied my class schedule which I hastily scotch-taped to the cover of my binder.’
    • ‘At the intersection of the hallways sat a round wooden table with a desk lamp on it, illuminating several blue, hard cover binders filled with multitudes of papers.’
    • ‘I'll start packing up all of my family history binders and papers, a daunting task at best.’
    • ‘On the holiday itself, lovers will also have a chance to step back in time to a place where love was as simple as pulling your classmate's pigtails and drawing hearts on the cover of a loose-leaf binder.’
    • ‘‘… No,’ Jeremy Orwell said, quickly hiding a piece of paper under his binder.’
    • ‘Pulling a sheet of paper out of my binder, I started to make notes on different topics we could use.’
    • ‘We have so many pretty-colored papers in our binders and folders that we can probably start a mosaic on the school walls!’
    • ‘Then another, and another - six in all, each carefully preserved under hard binders and butcher paper.’
    • ‘I spent time at the office store getting special paper for printing, binders, etc…’
    • ‘What covers my binders, folders, notebooks, and textbooks?’
    • ‘I grabbed a sheet of paper from my binder and ripped off a small part.’
    • ‘I instantly got out a sheet of notebook paper from my binder, which I hadn't used since I had gotten home from France.’
    • ‘He stated this was for paper, binders and ink for the computer.’
    • ‘I neatly placed the papers in my binder, only to have them crinkled when Evan dumped two science books on my desk.’
    • ‘‘Don't tell me what to do,’ he demanded, as he pulled out a sheet of paper form his binder.’
    • ‘Also you could cover a three-ring binder with it and turn it into a writing notebook (or, as I have with my Ani DiFranco signature, a CD carrier).’
    • ‘Most ships manuals came as a single binder of paper, one which you really didn't want to drop on your feet unless you wanted your foot in plaster.’
    • ‘I hurriedly tore a piece of paper from my binder and began to write.’
    file, ring binder, portfolio, document case
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  • 2A substance used to make other substances or materials stick or mix together.

    • ‘Available in acetate, nylon, and polyester, the media is constructed without resin or adhesive binders to reduce the possibility of contamination.’
    • ‘SMA is a kind of cake mix of stone chippings within the tar and it's all laid on the road surface in one go which means that all the stones have a coating of the binder material which is oil based.’
    • ‘By mixing materials and binders, Tracy hopes to find a process that is more efficient than the usual surface treatments which, he says, do not stand up very well to erosion or periodic grading operations.’
    • ‘There should be a clean section, a uniform base, the material pumped in with binder, a road roller run over it for compaction and a smooth pavement at the end of the repair.’
    • ‘The silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieve can be included with a binder and other materials in finished catalyst form.’
    • ‘John Mowlem and Co has carried out most of the construction work using a special technique to combine the existing surface materials with a new binder.’
    • ‘In situ stabilisation of pavement materials with cementitious binders is a well-recognised method of rehabilitating pavements for local roads and highways.’
    • ‘A clear plastic used as a binder in paint and as a casting material in sculpture.’
    • ‘Common binders are a combination of waxes and organic materials, which may include thermoplastics or thermosets along with surfactants and other additives.’
    • ‘When patching, use a high-strength non-shrink concrete grout mix with an epoxy binder.’
    • ‘Four thousand years ago, ancient Egyptians made glue by boiling animal hides and used the substance as a binder in paint and for woodworking.’
    • ‘The powder is then mixed with water and naturally occurring organic binders to form a clay-like substance, and comes out as silver. Hardener is added.’
    • ‘A binder material is sprayed onto it in the desired shape by the printhead, and cured with a heat lamp.’
    • ‘These materials often incorporate binders that have a high degree of cohesion and, therefore, substantially different performance attributes compared to unbound materials.’
    • ‘The binder material consists of organic polymers of various types, and must also include additives to reduce sedimentation and clumping.’
    • ‘Whereas the aggregate is the filler, the combination of water and cement provide the binder that keeps the material together.’
    • ‘Powdered pigment, mixed with a little water and a special binder, is ground into a paste, rolled into sticks and left to dry.’
    • ‘They then add the binder material, dissolved in a solvent, and mix the materials with an agitator.’
    • ‘Clayey gravel or gravel, and crushed igneous rocks are commonly used as pavement materials, and cementitious binders are the main stabilising agents.’
    • ‘With the help of a temporary plastic binder substance, the materials are easy to form, cut, and merge into complex shapes.’
    adhesive, glue, fixative, gum, paste, bonding, sealer, sealant
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  • 3A reaping machine that binds grain into sheaves.

    • ‘Now our log chains, binders, and pins are always right where we need them.’
    • ‘I am thinking particularly of when the blacksmith cut down the pole on the binder and fitted a metal adaptation that with the slipping in of a drawbar pin allowed the binder to be attached to the tractor.’
    • ‘Crops of corn that were harvested with the binder were cut under ripe so that the grain would ripen in the stook.’
    • ‘Over the last 10 years he has steadily built up his smallholding and uses a traditional harvesting method involving a binder that ties the cut straw into sheaves which are then propped together to dry out.’
    • ‘Reapers and binders enabled farmers to harvest from ten to twenty acres of grain per day, depending on field conditions, with far less labor than that required to cut the grain with a scythe and rake and bind the sheaves by hand.’
    • ‘Others operated the plows, seed drills, binders, and other implements hitched behind the engines and tractors.’
    • ‘It is fascinating to stand and watch the threshing machine and binder, the stone crusher and the mechanical saw working away.’
  • 4A bookbinder.

    • ‘It is not, therefore, primarily an evaluative discipline except in so far as it may establish an order of excellence for particular printers, scribes or engravers, papermakers, or binders.’
    • ‘I had met someone who was working as a binder in the Library who told me of a job vacancy here.’
    • ‘I can still recall that man standing there, the turkey standing beside him, with a loop of binder's twine around its neck.’
    • ‘They would receive commissions for particular texts, which they would then subcontract out to scribes, illuminators, and binders, to whom they also supplied materials and tools.’
    • ‘Upon landing in Europe, Greer said, he found a binder to assemble the book.’