Definition of bin bag in English:

bin bag


  • A large, strong plastic bag used as a container for household rubbish.

    • ‘Five minutes later he left carrying a plastic bin bag.’
    • ‘She even goes round with a bin bag collecting rubbish when the fun is over.’
    • ‘The young woman told me to empty our recycling box into a bin bag and leave it untied so the recycling team could see it contained only recyclable items and to put it out with the next week's rubbish collection.’
    • ‘If anyone needs any tuition on how to pick up litter, come and see us on Mitchell Close and we can help you master the essential techniques required to use a pair of gardening gloves and a bin bag.’
    • ‘Tottman passed a large package in a bin bag, along with a four or five large boxes to Livingstone, who had driven from his mother's home in Swindon earlier that morning.’
    • ‘She pointed out that it would make a big difference if people would just followed simple steps such as putting all rubbish in a black bin bag, which should be knotted to prevent any over spill.’
    • ‘It may sound dreadfully like something the boss would say as the most tactful gloss possible on the fact that the contents of your desk can now be found in a plastic bin bag at the front office, but, honestly, I don't mean it like that!’
    • ‘Mr Buckley, 76, put the snake into a bin bag, then put the bag and snake inside a hatbox for good measure.’
    • ‘He turned up clutching a bin bag full of signed Spurs shirts for auction and watched the fun from the Bantams Bar in the Kop.’
    • ‘I remade the bed and put what possessions I couldn't take with me in my bag into a plastic bin bag.’
    • ‘They rummage through our bin bags - I've seen a bin bag running across the road in the middle of the night.’
    • ‘The pair stumbled upon the needles, foil wraps and drug equipment in a split bin bag lying outside flats near their properties on Peppercorn Close.’
    • ‘From small beginnings, filling a single bin bag while walking Suzie, Mr Burke has increased his litter picking so much that last weekend he drove his estate car down to the woods and loaded five black sacks into the boot.’
    • ‘The three piece suite and carpets that last year someone thoughtfully manhandled over and through the stone wall of the picnic site into the adjoining field however proved too much for me and my bin bag.’
    • ‘Seeing as each child in disposable nappies fills a black bin bag every week, switching to cloth will make a huge difference to the amount of rubbish in the grey bins.’
    • ‘Imagine, then, my delight when driving from home to Settle one day last week when I saw a man with a bin bag collecting rubbish along the verges of the Settle bypass section of the A65.’
    • ‘I hurry over to the bin bag, leaving a trail as I go.’
    • ‘How could a street environment officer prove the bin bag loitering outside your house contained your rubbish?’
    • ‘And then this… this MAN… picked up the bin bag and sent it to the dump.’
    • ‘Unfortunately it then ignited a bin bag full of used envelopes and rubbish which caused most of the fire damage.’


bin bag