Definition of bin-end in English:



  • One of the last bottles from a bin of wine, usually sold at a reduced price.

    • ‘These include some of the shop's stars, rather than the more traditional bin-end bargains.’
    • ‘Lay & Wheeler's sale is always worth raiding, and this year burgundy hogs their bin-ends.’
    • ‘If all Majestic's 103 warehouses are to have a crack at this juicy bin-end, then each will carry only a limited, mixed-bag selection that will fly out of the branches the minute it arrives this weekend.’
    • ‘Traditional logic would dictate that you march out to the discount store and find something on sale or probe the bin-ends of your local bottle shop to get those last few discontinued items.’
    • ‘Last week I had thought that Majestic Wine Warehouse's bin-ends and Lay & Wheeler's 200-strong Great Warehouse Sale were the best I was likely to see this year.’