Definition of bimolecular in English:



  • Consisting of or involving two molecules.

    • ‘We expect that our cell will be useful for observing the pressure dependence of bimolecular interactions on the single molecule level.’
    • ‘The binding of particles to filaments is a simple bimolecular reaction, for which the binding rate is a product of the concentrations of free particle and free binding sites and nonlinear in the above sense.’
    • ‘The Stern-Volmer plot of these solutions is linear, and the bimolecular reaction rate constant agrees with previous observations.’
    • ‘A simple bimolecular one-step kinetic model is used for estimating the upper bound of the number of ROS that are generated in the skin and that react with DHR.’
    • ‘Specific bimolecular interactions are central to virtually all biological processes.’
    • ‘Initial contact will be through a conventional bimolecular binding and occur at a rate proportional to the concentration of freely diffusing molecules.’
    • ‘Understanding the molecular mechanisms of unimolecular and bimolecular misfolding may lead to advances in biomedicine and in protein production improvements.’
    • ‘The bimolecular quenching rate constants are less than that of diffusion controlled and decrease as the one-electron reduction potential of the donor radical increases.’
    • ‘At the high concentrations used in this experiment, it is expected that very small signals would be observed from the bimolecular formation of the encounter complex.’
    • ‘In this case the precursors are mixed just before entering the deposition chamber and the heat of the chamber encourages a gas phase bimolecular reaction.’
    • ‘Preceding any associative protein-protein reaction, an initial diffusional encounter is required, which may limit or at least partially influence the bimolecular rate constant.’
    • ‘The rate of a reaction with a bimolecular rate law depends on the concentration of two species or the square of the concentration of one species.’
    • ‘It is known to strongly influence the kinetics of diffusion-controlled bimolecular reactions in liquids.’
    • ‘Basic assumptions were that all elementary reactions in the pathway were bimolecular and that the reacting species were distributed homogeneously.’
    • ‘We are aware that a palindromic circle (as well as a direct repeat circle) could form by a bimolecular reaction.’
    • ‘The rate of formation of triple helices is slow with bimolecular rate constants of 5.6 × 10 and 8.1 × 10 min - 1 M - 1.’
    • ‘The bimolecular rate constants for these reactions are of several orders of magnitude less than diffusion controlled.’
    • ‘On a theoretical point of view, the understanding of enzyme reactions is hardly reducible to elementary bimolecular reactions.’
    • ‘The reactive collision of more than two molecules at the exact time is unlikely and can be represented as the sequence of bimolecular collisions.’
    • ‘We were able to eliminate this heterogeneity in our samples to obtain a simpler two-phase form for the bimolecular kinetics.’
    • ‘An initial exponential decay of current corresponds to the inactivation of monomer channel conductance and a longer time scale quasi-steady-state represents the diffusion of ions to a bimolecular surface reaction.’