Definition of bimodal in English:



  • Having or involving two modes, in particular (of a statistical distribution) having two maxima.

    • ‘We have studied how halothane molecules fluctuate between the two maxima of the bimodal distribution and we observed a different mechanism at low and high anesthetic concentrations.’
    • ‘We predict that similar measurements of additional species will reveal a bimodal frequency distribution with the two peaks corresponding to alternative strategies.’
    • ‘A number of initial conditions can be realized experimentally leading to either unimodal or bimodal distributions.’
    • ‘We then divided BC into quartiles according to bimodal BP distribution.’
    • ‘There is a bimodal distribution of cases and risk factors for each period are somewhat distinct.’
    • ‘This suggests that there may have been a bimodal distribution of persisters: older students and dependent, full-time students of all ages.’
    • ‘Marked females exhibited a bimodal distribution of guarding durations, reflecting the extreme tactics of immediate abandonment or remaining through hatching.’
    • ‘A typology should have a bimodal distribution, but the evidence shows that most people fall between the two extremes of introversion and extraversion.’
    • ‘The condition has a bimodal distribution, with incidence peaks at ages younger than 10 years and older than 50 years.’
    • ‘At low concentrations, the transition between maxima of the bimodal distribution follows a hopping-between-maxima mechanism.’
    • ‘Since the incidence of epilepsy shows a bimodal distribution, with peak incidences among elderly people and in early childhood, partial seizures have to be considered also in children and young adults.’
    • ‘This results in a two-peak, bimodal probability distribution.’
    • ‘Active rifts are characterized by more voluminous volcanic activity, higher rates of crustal extension, mildly alkaline basalts, and a bimodal distribution of basic and acid magma types.’
    • ‘Laying patterns were cyclical and similar among years, showing a bimodal distribution of clutches each year.’
    • ‘The top-of seam coal balls show a bimodal distribution; five of them have values close to mid-seam coal-ball areas, but two have values similar to known marine limestones.’
    • ‘Some helical parameters even exhibited a clear bimodal distribution.’
    • ‘Such a bimodal distribution may be of more general significance and can be observed with other similar neutral fluorescence probes.’
    • ‘We suggest that such long-tail and bimodal distributions may be used as selection mechanisms in developmental switches and for assigning cell identity.’
    • ‘This data set exhibits a bimodal joint posterior distribution, with modes favoring different preferred migration directions.’
    • ‘This bimodal distribution indicates in situ production of thiols from two different phytoplankton communities in Galveston Bay during this period.’