Definition of bimetallic strip in English:

bimetallic strip


  • A temperature-sensitive electrical contact used in some thermostats, consisting of two bands of different metals joined lengthwise. When heated, the metals expand at different rates, causing the strip to bend.

    • ‘This thermometer uses a bimetallic strip mechanism to sense minute changes in atmospheric temperature.’
    • ‘Engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of metal strips like industrial metal strips, bimetallic strips, copper bimetallic strips, aluminium bimetallic strips and copper bimetallic ferrules.’
    • ‘The magic of bimetallic strips is that, being made of two metals, they conduct heat to different degrees.’
    • ‘As resistance increases, less current passes through the heating coil, so the bimetallic strip cools.’
    • ‘When the bimetallic strip is heated, it bends in one direction.’
    • ‘The pawl is preferably formed on a lever pivotally connected to one of the shoes of the brake and the bimetallic strip is connected to the lever.’
    • ‘Use the heat gun to heat the bimetallic strip of the thermometer and note the effect on the pointer.’
    • ‘Where no great accuracy is needed, a bimetallic strip thermometer is often used.’
    • ‘When the bimetallic strip bends, the spring-loaded contacts are released and current flow is interrupted.’
    • ‘Fine watches have bimetallic strips attached to the balance wheel which curl towards the center in hot weather.’
    • ‘One of the many uses for bimetallic strips is in electrical breakers where excessive current through the strip heats it and bends it to trip the switch to interrupt the current.’
    • ‘Then the electric current flows, the light comes on, and the bimetallic strip starts to heat up again…’
    • ‘The ampoule is attached to a coiled bimetallic strip and as the coil moves, it tips the vial of mercury until the mercury moves and the switch contact is opened or closed.’
    • ‘As the temperature rises, the bimetallic strip slowly elongates and bends downward toward the contact.’
    • ‘Two bimetallic strips are placed so that they are heated by a heat lamp.’
    • ‘Important parts, such as the bimetallic strip and the mercury switch are clearly visible.’
    • ‘As soon as the disks have been welded to the bimetallic strips, the two contact strips can be separated by cutting weakened areas 36, 46, for example by laser or by any other means.’
    • ‘As a room warms up or cools down, the bimetallic strip in the thermostat bends one way or the other.’
    • ‘These are the bimetallic strips which sense the changes in temperature.’
    • ‘The bimetallic strips are said to facilitate the transfer of vibration away from the chips in the form of heat.’


bimetallic strip

/bʌɪməˌtalɪk ˈstrɪp/