Definition of biltong in English:



mass nounSouth African
  • Lean meat which is salted and dried in strips.

    • ‘I used to hunt myself, I love biltong and venison, and proper, decent and sporting culling is necessary.’
    • ‘The booze, the beer, the snacks, the big screen TV, the braai, biltong and everything else that goes with it has been organized.’
    • ‘This colourful Edinburgh deli is the place to come for South African delicacies such as biltong and boerewors sausages.’
    • ‘The biltong are treated with salt, pepper, and spices prior to drying.’
    • ‘Both the council and the mine have helped to build a small abattoir next to the game farm, which will process products, such as biltong, venison, and other game meat.’
    • ‘The primitive dried meat strips of the charqui or biltong type, which have been prepared by hunters since prehistoric times, would often have been hung over a fire to make them dry quicker.’
    • ‘This is not biltong, but medicine reputed to cure various ills.’
    • ‘5 snacks I enjoy: I don't really snack that much, in fact, sometimes I get so busy that I just forget to eat… yeah, right. crisps, cashew nuts, cookies and biltong.’
    • ‘Cronje agreed that Cassim was a generous person who gave players gifts of biltong and arranged overseas flights for South African cricketers who had not been selected for the touring squad.’
    • ‘Grandpa bought some of the ostrich biltong to take back home.’
    • ‘Parma ham, biltong, smoked salmon, even sun dried tomato my mouth is watering already.’
    • ‘I was also hoping to give the boy a shot at some big game, like horses and donkeys, but it seemed like every living thing between Riebeek-Kasteel and Noordoewer had been hunted down and turned into biltong.’
    • ‘The consolation prize was three cases of Cobra beer, two bottles of purple stuff from one of the breakaway Soviet republics and enough biltong to make a grown vegan weep.’
    • ‘It was late winter and the hunting season was over, but the pantry was packed with sacks of the most delicious dry springbok biltong which they handed out copiously.’
    • ‘It's the home of majestic gemsbok for which the reserve was created in 1931 to stop meat and biltong hunters from wiping out the animals.’
    • ‘I stocked up on beer and biltong (strips of dried meat), but didn't tarry.’
    • ‘The injury occurred when Boucher was slicing a piece of biltong on Friday night after the match at the Colonial Stadium in Melbourne which ended in a tie - the second occasion the two countries have tied one-day matches in recent months.’
    • ‘Next, I carefully studied Matthew Fort's recipe for Linguine with courgettes and biltong.’
    • ‘Citrus sorbet is course three before a beef biltong and pear salad is served.’
    • ‘The animals kept at Laverstoke include some rare breeds of cattle, pigs, sheep and even water buffalo from which he plans to make biltong for export to ‘my native South Africa’.’


Afrikaans, from Dutch bil ‘buttock’ + tong ‘tongue’.