Definition of billy goat in English:

billy goat


  • A male goat.

    • ‘Once I shared the space with a billy goat that refused to move.’
    • ‘Hmf maybe I'll go for a walk and wait for this slop to cool better yet, maybe I'll go hang around by the bridge and wait for billy goats!’
    • ‘I was ashamed that I got such a major injury by just laying down, so I lied to my friends and co-workers and said it was from mountain climbing and wresting a bear who attacked me after I stole its honey pot to feed some starving baby billy goats.’
    • ‘Maggie the Cow comes to live on the Patch of Heaven dairy farm with a motley assortment of animals, including an old billy goat and a collection of chickens.’
    • ‘Once upon a time there were three billy goats called Gruff.’
    • ‘Black cats and billy goats may lurk in the shadows.’
    • ‘Uncastrated billy goats are smelly and are very noisy when separated from the does.’
    • ‘Imagine a creature that combines the best and worst features of a pony, lama and billy goat and you will have a pretty good idea of the abilities of the Connemara Pony.’
    • ‘If a billy goat don't cross your lawn ‘Button's eyes widen; his mouth turns down at the corners.’’
    • ‘Maybe we can finally kill off the damn billy goat next year.’
    • ‘Trust employee, Caron Hoddy, came in during her maternity leave to paint the walls of the waiting room with characters from popular fairy stories, the three billy goats gruff, Hansel and Gretel, the frog prince and the ugly duckling.’
    • ‘But honestly, the man belongs under a bridge asking billy goats inane questions, as opposed to seducing a trio of hot nubile actresses.’
    • ‘About the time my stinky billy goat in his corral and the lavender scented English ladies in their apartments in San Francisco finish chewing the last bite of last season's parsnips the new crop will be popping out of the ground.’
    • ‘The billy goat is far more dangerous than the bear and mountain lion combined, assuming some mad scientist could breed a mountain bear lion.’
    • ‘The billy goat (that is the correct term) then slid out with such a greasy rush that everyone gasped.’


billy goat