Definition of billposter in English:


(also billsticker)


  • A person who pastes up advertisements on hoardings.

    • ‘When they encounter a billposter on a ladder, the dog "grabs the billposter by the leg of his trousers and he falls to the ground with the ladder on top of him while the kids enjoy the billposter's predicament."’
    • ‘Billposters, agents, firms or persons engaged in the business of billposting other than by painting signs.’
    • ‘Paste cans were loaded into the wagons, brushes and pails, together with the paper that had been carefully laid out and counted, the night before, for each billposter.’
    • ‘This enables the billposter to place his sheet on the board knowing where the upper left hand corner of each sheet will be.’
    • ‘The billposter left his route early, and was spotted by Gary Shay and three coworkers who were riding down the highway.’