Definition of billowy in English:



  • See billow

    • ‘No other land is in sight, only an ocean without end and its own billowy breath rising as cumulus clouds that seem far more substantive than the tiny landforms below.’
    • ‘There's a great sense of fantasy about billowy clothes.’
    • ‘All very well to feel nourished in the billowy comfort of my nightie; huffing myself into work clothes this morning took almost an hour longer than expected!’
    • ‘According to the show's host, big and billowy are this year's watchwords for bridal wear, and green could be this year's hot colour - despite old myths about the colour's potential to influence a marriage in the wrong way.’
    • ‘Endless stretches of water, gleaming rivers and gliding boats framed within the vibrant shades of green paddy fields and blue skies dotted with billowy white clouds.’