Definition of billionth in English:


ordinal number

  • See billion

    • ‘But tumors, hormonal and reproductive problems have only appeared in rodents at extremely high, daily doses - in several grams per kilogram, not billionths of grams.’
    • ‘While watching Rollie Pollie Ollie today for the 17 billionth time, I was reminded again of the Persistence of Elvis.’
    • ‘Researchers envisage a time when tiny machines no more than a few billionths of a metre across surge though our bodies to deliver drugs and destroy disease-causing pathogens.’
    • ‘But as a matter of policy, by my count I think this is the four - billionth time a U.S. president has said that we want to stop the export of drugs and increase free trade.’
    • ‘Intel has shipped its 1 billionth computer chip.’
    • ‘These are chemically pure clusters of from 100 to 100,000 atoms with dimensions on the order of a nanometer, or a billionth of a meter…’
    • ‘Was the birth of India's billionth citizen a milestone?’
    • ‘Nanotechnology is used to study the fabrication and manipulation of structures that range in size from one hundred nanometres to a single nanometre (or a billionth of a metre).’
    • ‘IBM research, Bell Labs, and a number of other American research groups are presently expanding the frontiers of engineering at scales below one billionth of a meter.’
    • ‘Then I want to watch brats run around unsupervised, throwing tantrums as their parents ignore their plea to rent Shrek for the 7 billionth time.’
    • ‘An angstrom is a unit of length equal to one ten billionth of a meter.’
    • ‘Pretty soon (in the next two or three years, maybe sooner), someone will sell the one billionth personal computer.’
    • ‘When India's billionth baby was born three years ago, her parents named her Aastha, which means ‘faith’ in Hindi.’
    • ‘There's only 130 days left until Unix clocks up its billionth second… let the geeks of the world unite and party like it's 999, 999, 999!’
    • ‘He got it the ten billionth time you mentioned it.’
    • ‘Nanotechnology (which concerns itself with lengths on the scale of a billionth of a metre) also holds the key to help the blind man see light, he suggested.’
    • ‘The devices play nice with each other, the way routers do on the Internet - your transmitter will check and if this particular frequency is not being used for the next 50 billionths of a second by another device, it'll send its data out on it.’
    • ‘The device that embeds the dots is ‘a chip located way in the machine, right near the laser when the document is about 20 billionths of a second from printing’.’
    • ‘Only one billionth of the Sun's energy ever reaches Earth, while there are over 100 moons, eight planets, and millions of comets and asteroids available for our evolutionary development.’
    • ‘This metric of sustainability means that each individual is entitled to one six billionth of the earth's regenerative capacity interpreted as land area.’