Definition of billing in English:



mass noun
  • 1The fact of being advertised or described in a particular way.

    ‘they can justify their billing as Premier League favourites’
    ‘he shared top billing with his wife’
    • ‘Not only have greyhounds stepped blinking into the limelight of top billing on the racing pages, but desperate men with desperate withdrawal symptoms set up hamster races in London last week.’
    • ‘I think all three of my favorite pitchers could be ready for the Majors by 2006, with Lester having the billing of a future star.’
    • ‘The last TV interview we did with Lemmon and Matthau - or Matthau and Lemmon, you decide the billing - was July of 1997.’
    • ‘Back to the Guardian - they did at least manage to get the Hitchins brothers together in the same room; although it doesn't really live up to the billing sadly.’
    • ‘Though Johnson downplayed its significance coming in, the billing of this matchup as the Mariners past versus their future certainly gave him every reason to be fired up.’
    • ‘Liz Taylor, the world's number one box-office draw, would expect top billing for playing Catherine.’
    • ‘At this time of year, everyone does their utmost to ensure that Chanukah (which is not even that grand a Jewish festival) gets a big billing too.’
    • ‘They are rapidly approaching the release of their debut album and the weather seems to be behind this vessel as it makes it's way into the billing as one of British guitar music's greatest hopes.’
    • ‘Pigs were on the bill for the first time in 2003 and, such was the enthusiastic response, organisers have decided to give them a bigger billing.’
    • ‘You have to move very far down into the cast list to find an actor who couldn't assume top billing on a major film or television series, and you have to move even further down to reach obscure names.’
    • ‘Miller shares top billing with the colorist, Lynn Varley, who mixes digitized effects with traditional coloring in clever ways.’
    • ‘Mickey Rooney received top billing but English teenager, Elizabeth Taylor shared second billing with Donald Crisp.’
    • ‘But over protection and over direction can make loved ones feel smothered: relinquish top billing for a support role this week.’
    • ‘Mary went on to achieve the greatest fame, receiving top billing with Eddie Cantor in Kid Boots.’
    • ‘Despite the muddy course, Reeve, who was a pre-competition favourite, lived up to his top billing when he outraced everybody to finish first in the final race - open class.’
    • ‘Some of those who were showing great promise not so long ago are now struggling to live up to the billing, notably John O'Shea and the anonymous Liam Miller.’
    • ‘It's not that he does anything particularly wrong, but he has rarely lived up to the billing that left a number of clubs scrambling for his signature last summer.’
    • ‘The Indian, who got the top billing in the absence of the injured Madura Ranganathan, lost the first set tiebreak but recovered to win the second set, again in tiebreaks, and the decider.’
    • ‘With tomorrow's scheduled meeting at Bangor having fallen foul of waterlogging, Wolverhampton is left to share the billing with Kempton.’
    • ‘Boomer aside, top billing for the evening went to Randy Johnson, making his debut in the tallest set of pinstripes ever issued.’
    • ‘Even the day when one juror was a little poorly and the trial was postponed, this fact got top billing on the news.’
    • ‘With a sell-out UK arena tour and top billing on millennium eve in Liverpool, 1999 ended on a high.’
    • ‘When Thorpe arrived for the relay final, therefore, wet from having just won a world record-breaking 400 metres, it was hard to imagine that he could live up to the billing.’
    • ‘You know you've really made it when you get top billing ahead of veteran stars and consummate actors Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman.’
    • ‘His mother is played by The West Wing's Stockard Channing, who was promoted heavily in the trailers and had a prominent billing in the credits - yet she is only on screen for a couple of minutes.’
    • ‘The experiment of ‘Diesel: The Sequel,’ however, did not live up to the billing of the original.’
    • ‘Hosting visits, as they have this year, by sides as prominent as Australia and England is a propaganda triumph, even if the matches fail to live up to the billing of contests.’
    • ‘They might be living up to the billing as a bona fide rock band these days, but that doesn't stop Sparhawk introducing new single ‘California’ as being about his mother.’
    • ‘This year will be big for Clement to prove that he's worth the billing, but I just don't see him returning to Chicago.’
    • ‘Oprah, by way of her initial letter, shares the billing with the author.’
    • ‘The plot isn't much to brag about, but Carmen Luvana turns in a pair of white-hot scenes that more than justify her top billing.’
    • ‘The Welshman takes on Tate in Newcastle on 14 December, sharing top billing with undefeated WBU light-welterweight champion Ricky Hatton.’
    • ‘This sequel also lacks anything remotely close to a competent performance from Paul Walker, the actor that gets top billing.’
    • ‘Farther down the billing, Barbara Nichols' ditzy cigarette girl trying to cling to her last scraps of self-respect is a shrewd mix of comedy and pathos.’
    • ‘At one time a top prospect with the New York Yankees, Spikes never lived up to the billing, but did have some productive seasons with the Cleveland Indians.’
    • ‘Flyhalf Jonny Wilkinson and wing Ben Cohen took top billing as an irresistible England double act.’
    • ‘This kind of local resistance towards 21st century technology should be noted in the National Development Plan, and County Kerry should be given top billing as a theme park.’
    • ‘Next week's Ryder Cup will get top billing to be certain, but this week, golfers will recognise the 2002 Solheim Cup for more than its pre-match bickering and parallel talent.’
    • ‘Despite the billing, it sounds to me like any of the local public radio news and talk shows.’
    • ‘Though color gets top billing, many spring bulbs also introduce the season's first floral fragrance, an attribute that's increasingly important to American gardeners.’
  • 2The process of preparing or sending invoices.

    ‘faster, more accurate order fulfilment and billing’
    • ‘Harvey Electronics had recently installed an IBM mainframe to do its own billing and bookkeeping and had more capacity than was needed.’
    • ‘But such numbers are often based on wholesale adoption of electronic billing by consumers.’
    • ‘In the results statement, Fanning said Smart's cashflow should be boosted by the telecoms regulator's decision to introduce unified billing for consumers.’
    • ‘Single billing allows consumers to buy both line rental and calls from a phone company other than Eircom.’
    • ‘In addition, for most charges, central billing gives the department more leverage to negotiate with vendors.’
    • ‘Their friendly customer rep said that Geocities was responsible for at least notifying me of the billing, so I hope I have a leg to stand on when fighting this charge.’
    • ‘The medical processes being outsourced to India include insurance claims processing, revenue cycle management, medical billing and coding.’
    • ‘Fanning said Smart would be the first alternative Irish telco to offer wholesale line rental and single billing to Irish customers.’
    • ‘In accounting, he learned how to handle billing and payroll, before moving into contracts - the lifeblood of the company.’
    • ‘Broad reach, favorable demos, zoning capabilities, improved color reproduction, and streamlined ordering and billing are just a few.’
    • ‘Restaurant meals and lodging are usually billed to employees, although at least one bureau is experimenting with central billing of hotel charges.’
    • ‘‘Many companies don't want the fuss of having to organize the billing for each charter flight they make,’ he said.’
    • ‘Creative mechanisms for the billing of services have been most useful to poor families receiving their services through state or federal aid programs.’
    • ‘Recent action on key areas, such as single billing for carrier pre-select, also indicates that ComReg is listening to consumers and the industry.’
    • ‘The company has benefited from recent action by the telecoms regulator around single billing and restrictions on win-back activity by larger players.’
    • ‘Ms Chisela said the on-line billing would also make it possible for Zesco to forecast expected cash flow, which was difficult through the door-to-door delivery system.’
    • ‘I wondered if the process of direct billing encouraged the giving of clear information and obtaining consent before each procedure.’
    • ‘Personal digital assistants offer everything, from e-mail, word processing and time and billing to reading e-books and playing games.’
    • ‘Perlico will be taking orders for single billing from tomorrow and the product will be available from mid-October, according to managing director Iain MacDonald.’
    • ‘The company plans to implement new technology to streamline the billing and documentation process.’
    1. 2.1usually billings The total amount of business conducted in a given time, especially that of an advertising agency.
      ‘the account was worth about $2 million a year in billings’
      • ‘The total billings as of termination were about $75,000, already $10,000 over the ‘estimate’.’
      • ‘Total billings at Cawley Nea rose to £22.5 million, an estimated increase of £10.8 million in new business.’
      • ‘In 2001, Snelling named Daryl's office the #1 office nationally in billings.’
      • ‘By 2000, the WorldGroup had more than $20 billion in billings, triple the amount it had when Dooner took over in 1994.’
      • ‘Ultimately, billings for the Vince Cullers Advertising would top $15 million.’
      • ‘The 2003 BE Advertising Agency of the Year saw billings remain the same at $325 million.’
      • ‘The company said operating margins had improved on last year and added it had won £410m of new business billings during the first quarter.’
      • ‘Before September 11, two-thirds of its card billings came from corporate T&E and a third from regular consumer spending.’
      • ‘Equally impressive were total billings for the four OEMs for all aircraft in excess of $7.86 billion, up from $6.66 billion the previous year.’
      • ‘Stovall estimates that client billings, which totaled $200,000 in 2000, will jump to $450,000 in 2002.’
      • ‘The competition was created to recognize exceptional work by advertising agencies with annual billings of $15 million or less.’
      • ‘Universal Interactive operates in 32 offices in 28 countries and commands total billings of over $100 million worldwide.’
      • ‘Questions are being raised about the accounting of client billings.’
      • ‘In his first 15 months of business, IBM generated more than $2 million in billings.’
      • ‘An agency's financial status is measured in terms of billings - monies allocated by an advertiser to its agency to buy time on television and/or radio or space in publications.’
      • ‘There was obviously going to be no getting away from the fact that IF's move to a London agency was a significant blow to a business which will see billings this year of around £17m.’
      • ‘Last year interactive services overtook traditional direct marketing and media advertising in a big way as the primary source of billings and revenues at Digitas.’
      • ‘The agency had reported billings of $3.4 billion in 2002.’
      • ‘Tbwa is one of the top ten US agency networks with annual consolidated billings of $8.6 billion.’
      • ‘At the beginning of 1999, Starcom IP's billings amounted to precisely zero.’