Definition of billable in English:



  • See bill

    • ‘In theory, that would gross me $100,000 per year or so if I worked full time, but it's rare to get consistent billable 8-hour days, every week year in year out.’
    • ‘Use of company vehicles is one conspicuous example, or what type of travel and dining are considered billable is another: rigid rules for subordinates, a goodie-bag for the top guys.’
    • ‘Also, the panel never resolves the fundamental question of whether the service documents were forgeries or not - a bit of a cheat if they charged three months of billable hours for their services.’
    • ‘But if they lose the case, or lose the motion to be awarded costs, this law firm will have to eat untold billable hours for an entire staff of attorneys in a major Federal lawsuit that will likely amount to well over a million dollars.’
    • ‘One guy, my ‘mentor’, ha, told me that certain people wanted to get rid of me, but I had something like the fifth highest billable hours in the firm, so there was hesitancy to do so.’