Definition of bill of quantities in English:

bill of quantities


  • A detailed statement of work, prices, dimensions, and other details, for the erection of a building by contract.

    • ‘E F G L detailed design, production drawings, specifications and bills of quantities.’
    • ‘‘The Sub-Contractor shall be deemed to have full knowledge of the drawings, specifications, bills of quantities, stipulations and conditions of the Main Contract’.’
    • ‘On receipt of tenders the firm submitting the lowest acceptable tender is informed and asked to submit its priced bill of quantities for examination.’
    • ‘In the UK there are three principal documents, the plans themselves, the specifications and the bills of quantities.’
    • ‘The following information is shown either on location drawings under A Preliminaries / General conditions or on further drawings which accompany the bills of quantities or stated as assumed.’
    • ‘Mr Langan said the architects had a full team working on the completion of the final drawings, the bill of quantities was being prepared and planning permission was also in place.’
    • ‘This same model is eventually used to generate machine instructions for fabrication; it is also used to derive the bill of quantities, specifications, and all 2D drawings.’