Definition of biliousness in English:



  • See bilious

    • ‘It can drive a fan of the music to biliousness thinking how Durst pulls the rest of the band down.’
    • ‘I ask Mr. Shafer whether this second point explains the biliousness and lack of comparative perspective in his comment on Mr. Sullivan's piece.’
    • ‘Alcoholics are inclined to suppose that their waywardness is the response of a sensitive soul to the imperfections of the world, and by their biliousness, turning their own small corner of it into a hell for others.’
    • ‘No, Stevie has a friend named Sparrow whose pot-bellied biliousness is matched only by his horrible table manners.’
    • ‘Except for the twenty-four hours of biliousness, slippery guts and hasty exits that follow, it's all good.’
    • ‘The roots of his biliousness can be traced to his upbringing as the eldest of four sons to Jim and Eileen, an Irish crane driver and his wife, in north London.’