Definition of bilge artist in English:

bilge artist


  • A person who habitually exaggerates or tells lies.

    ‘he's spent a lot of time listening to bilge artists bend the truth’
    • ‘You're a proper bilge artist—all the consensus nonsense you spout is quite sad.’
    • ‘I'm no bilge artist, but there's a beaut way of going out there.’
    • ‘You continue to work for less than peanuts promoting the world's biggest bores and bilge artists.’
    • ‘He's a bilge artist, guv—if he was really any use in his job, he'd be a professor by now, not a bloody lecturer.’
    • ‘Hollywood bilge artists even depicted it happening, in one move after another.’
    • ‘It's a pity that the unionist position is so poorly represented by the current crop of dunces and bilge artists.’
    • ‘He's spent a lot of time listening to bilge artists bend the truth, and even more time trying to straighten it.’
    • ‘Here's a prime example from the noted bilge artist himself, once again vying for the Lifetime Achievement in Self-Promotion title.’
    • ‘Just look at the parade of southern blow-ins and bilge artists we’ve had over the years.’
    • ‘Possibly this prolific bilge artist has at last found his true forte.’