Definition of bile in English:



mass noun
  • 1A bitter greenish-brown alkaline fluid which aids digestion and is secreted by the liver and stored in the gall bladder.

    • ‘It also stimulates release of bile from the liver and pepsin from the stomach.’
    • ‘The duodenum receives bile from the liver and digestive enzymes from the pancreas.’
    • ‘Augmentin can cause jaundice by slowing the normal flow of bile from the liver.’
    • ‘In a healthy liver, blood and bile travel in opposite directions and never meet.’
    • ‘The gallbladder stores bile, used to emulsify beneficial fats so the body can absorb them.’
    • ‘The gall bladder stores and secretes bile, which includes salts used to break down food.’
    • ‘Gall stones in the Gall bladder, a storehouse for bile secreted by the liver, is a common health problem.’
    • ‘The gall bladder acts as a regulator of bile from the liver, increasing or decreasing it to suit, depending on your diet.’
    • ‘It stores a green liquid called bile, which is produced by the liver to help the body digest fats and other substances.’
    • ‘The presence of lipids in the intestine stimulates the secretion of bile and pancreatic juice.’
    • ‘A sac located under the liver that stores and concentrates bile secreted by the liver.’
    • ‘The main function of the gallbladder is to store bile, a digestive fluid produced by the liver.’
    • ‘The gallbladder is a small muscular sac located under the liver that stores bile secreted by the liver.’
    • ‘The gall bladder receives bile from the liver, stores and concentrates it, and delivers it to the intestine as required.’
    • ‘As the condition progresses, nodules appear and the liver becomes stained with bile.’
    • ‘No one wants to get blood, pus, bile, or urine over their clothes, after all, not to mention faeces or vomit.’
    • ‘The gallbladder is a tiny pouch that stores the bile produced by the liver.’
    • ‘Enzymes and bile salts in the gastric juice clearly augment the damaging effects of the acid.’
    • ‘However, the mechanism of the response to heat stress vis-a-vis the formation and flow of bile in liver is not known.’
    • ‘It stores bile, a liquid produced by the liver, and then releases it into the intestine to help digestion.’
    acrimony, resentment, rancour, sourness, acerbity, asperity
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  • 2Anger, bitterness, or irritability.

    ‘his response was full of bile and hatred’
    • ‘So it is that one notices that a marked tendency to bile and ill-humour surfaces among blog entries.’
    • ‘Scratch the surface and all you'll find resentment, bitterness and bile!’
    • ‘The Sunday papers in Ireland were full of bile for the Lord Mayor.’
    • ‘The first festival I attended was by far the best, because the air was thick with bile and acrimony.’
    • ‘There's sheer anger and sheer angst, there's bile and hatred, there is loathing.’
    • ‘Still, if you want your Crisis analysis to have plenty of bite and a dash of bile, relish Living Dangerously.’
    • ‘Who wants to flip to the sports page only to find bitter bile and moping?’
    • ‘Miette felt a sudden burst of irrational anger rise up in her like bile.’
    • ‘Frothing and foaming and using words dripping with bile and hatred.’
    • ‘This is where the bile and the agony and the rage of rock and roll was sharpened and honed.’
    • ‘Such nice sentiments, but from the Greens, their sweetness is as bitter as bile.’
    • ‘Not only do these dark souls live each day consumed by hatred and bile, but they drag others into it.’
    • ‘It would not, through the mysterious alchemy of hatred and bile, become poison.’
    • ‘I can feel anger and bile rising in me, rising up out of the years of desperation and hollow fury.’
    • ‘Isaacs gives us occasional glimpses of the man beneath all the poisonous bile.’
    • ‘You can see the bile and fury rising up in their necks, and then all hell breaks loose.’
    • ‘I am boring and bitter and pathetic and full of bile, but despite that, I care about you and how you care about me and we care about each other.’
    • ‘A stomach full of bile with lashings of politically incorrect humour, Burns is back.’
    • ‘Lara's panic had turned to hot anger, rising in the back of her throat like bile.’
    • ‘Feel your bile rise in righteous indignation as you realise they've put in not one but two Coldplay albums.’
    annoyance, vexation, exasperation, crossness, irritation, irritability, indignation, pique, displeasure, resentment
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Mid 16th century: from French, from Latin bilis.