Definition of bikini briefs in English:

bikini briefs

plural noun

  • Scanty briefs worn by women as underwear.

    • ‘True enough, but he neglected to mention that Elvis also owned a pair of bikini briefs of many colors, not to mention 22 Cadillacs and a chimp named Scatter.’
    • ‘My wife in her silky soft panties and I in a tight pair of white silk or cotton bikini briefs.’
    • ‘Images of the Rome festivities, featured on various homosexual websites, shows throngs of shirtless men in shorts and bikini briefs congregated on the streets, some of them holding hands.’
    • ‘All the play's best scenes are the ones between her and Braunstein, a man who makes a mullet haircut, hockey bedsheets and leopard-skin bikini briefs seem somehow appealing.’
    • ‘A Web site that featured images of young wrestlers in bikini briefs was voluntarily shut down after questions were raised about its content and purpose.’
    • ‘There are briefs of many varieties: bikini briefs, boxer briefs, thongs, jockstrap briefs (essentially jockstraps with seats).’
    • ‘Prince began to gain a reputation as a highly charismatic, if over the top, performer: he stalked the stage in bikini briefs and high heeled boots.’
    • ‘Inside were a lavender bra and a matching pair of bikini briefs.’
    • ‘I wasn't aware that I was wearing disposable pants, although I felt they were too low at the front: like 1970s bikini briefs.’
    • ‘The images they singled out for criticism included the Babette creme fraiche ad and a promotion for Magnum candy bars, one of which was stuck suggestively in a model's bikini briefs under the heading ‘For Man.’’
    • ‘You're only wearing a close-fitting white cotton t-shirt and bikini briefs.’
    • ‘Doesn't she know if she's going to try to dress like a twenty-year-old she should wear a black thong to complete the look, not bikini briefs?’
    • ‘There's even people skiing in bikinis - one buxom blonde bunny in a blue bikini certainly caught my attention, as surely as the guy skiing in his bikini briefs made me huddle in a corner of the couch, shivering in the fetal position.’
    • ‘At first, Maggie prances straight out of the pages of a lad's mag, at one point wearing bikini briefs, a cowboy shirt and a killer pair of open-toed stiletto boots.’
    • ‘Clad in furry bikini briefs and a cape, the God of Thunder released numerous albums.’