Definition of bikie in English:


nounPlural bikies

Australian, NZ
  • A member of a gang of motorcyclists.

    • ‘The bus was sent to Perth to be used by the bikie task force in road blocks.’
    • ‘Three men with links to the Coffin Cheater bikie gang have been fined after pleading guilty to unlawful assault.’
    • ‘The punks managed to set up food co-ops and arrange gigs at the local bikie pub.’
    • ‘Most people have pretty strong views on what a bikie is, what they look like and, more importantly, why you should stay away from them.’
    • ‘They're not hard to spot; many of them dressed in stubbies and shearer's singlets, with long beards most bikies would envy.’
    • ‘Police say only a couple of the 20 arrested were ‘patched’, or full members of the five gangs, but they say they can prove the others are ‘heavily involved’ with the outlaw bikies.’
    • ‘Billy puts about a million dollars worth of party things, including the biggest possible marquee, on tick and brings in a bunch of sulky white bikies as hired labour.’
    • ‘She also produced a feminist ballet, dance studies on female writers, a work that introduced members of a bikie gang into the language of movement, and an examination of spirituality in different cultures.’
    • ‘There are also leather-clad bikies (not threatening like their New Zealand counterparts), female office staff dressed like uniformed bank workers and urban sophisticates sporting the best of Louis Vuitton.’
    • ‘She told the court that like Murdoch, she'd once lived in Broome, where she'd worked as a barmaid at the private club of the Coffin Cheaters bikie gang.’
    • ‘They enable motorists to see bikies, thus making cycling safer.’
    • ‘She was asked to walk a kilometre and wait outside a bikie pub to be picked up, and dropped at the end of shooting.’
    • ‘How about doing something about the bikie hoons that feel it's their right to do 150 on the Ring Road and swerve past cars?’
    • ‘The answer to that is no, because, in that context, everyone from a parliamentary caucus to a bikie gang has a psychological attachment.’
    • ‘So accepted money, not from the accused, not from the client, but from somebody else, perhaps members of the local bikie gang.’
    • ‘Brando made the bikie gang member cool worldwide with his portrayal of a leather-clad gang leader in the 1950s film, The Wild One.’
    • ‘These tight bonds, complex rules and codes of respect make it difficult to discover exactly what's going on inside a bikie gang.’
    • ‘As the loud hissing of pressurised water surrounded the air, a host of bikies surrounded the truck checking each bike's set up and drooling over every aspect.’
    • ‘The only other crime group to have survived intact are the bikies, although the bikies these days have legitimised many of their operations and now make as much money from legal means as they do illegally.’
    • ‘You had the young lawyers going there, for a real blast, with the bikies with the surfies.’