Definition of bigram in English:



  • A pair of consecutive written units such as letters, syllables, or words.

    ‘the method of encipherment required the message to be written in bigrams’
    • ‘They can "rule out" certain permutations because the initial letter, bigram, or trigram is unlikely to begin an English word.’
    • ‘Observation #3: "nowhere to" is a really common bigram.’
    • ‘The bigram "and yet" at the end of sentence, written without continuation dots, is much rarer than would be predicted given its overall frequency and the frequency of sentence-ends.’
    • ‘However, I suspect that a scan for bigrams with quantitatively similar properties would turn up lots of unremarkable examples.’
    • ‘We now give an example of a cipher that operates on bigrams but uses only comparatively few of all possible keys.’