Definition of Bigfoot in English:



  • 1A large, hairy, ape-like creature resembling a yeti, supposedly found in north-western America.

    Also called Sasquatch
    • ‘Shot in Bluff Creek, California, it shows a Bigfoot striding through a clearing.’
    • ‘Miller is interested in the philosophical, social and metaphorical implications that the Bigfoot creature represents.’
    • ‘Whereas creatures such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster may or may not be hoaxes, the Cardiff Giant certainly was a hoax.’
    • ‘Do they represent additional evidence of the legendary Bigfoot or something else entirely?’
    • ‘The North American Science Institute claims it has spent over $100,000 to prove the film is of a genuine Bigfoot.’
    • ‘Like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster, most of the evidence for Champ's existence rests on eyewitness testimony.’
    • ‘The feature that distinguishes the Bigfoot matter is the purported resemblance of this hairy creature to humans.’
    • ‘If only these creatures were, like Bigfoot, just a myth.’
    • ‘Giant and apelike in appearance, it would be easy to mistake Bigfoot for a hairy tree or NBA player.’
    • ‘First, Patterson told people he was going out with the express purpose of capturing a Bigfoot on camera.’
    • ‘This legendary critter has been known as the Bigfoot, Meh-Teh, and Sasquatch.’
    • ‘The Bigfoot myth, Nickell suggests, is fueled by human hopes and fears.’
    • ‘But don't worry, the gigantic 15 inch footprints won't belong to the elusive Bigfoot, but Britain's tallest ever man.’
    • ‘He was dubbed the name Bigfoot for his large, muscular, body structure.’
    • ‘So you've memorized the famous Patterson footage of a grainy Bigfoot.’
    • ‘He's the owner of a roadside stand in the middle of the Everglades, who seems involved in every sighting of Florida's Bigfoot in his area.’
    • ‘A large cast was made of the impression, said to contain the body print of a reclining Bigfoot.’
    • ‘Other respondees thought this predicted the appearance of Yeti or Bigfoot.’
    • ‘Like Bigfoot, he is glimpsed only occasionally, on grainy videotape, which feeds his myth.’
    • ‘If the Bigfoot creatures across the United States are really out there, then each passing day should be one day closer to their discovery.’
  • 2A prominent or well-known journalist.

    ‘the media bigfeet who mock him’


[with object]
  • Dominate or upstage.

    ‘she was never tempted to bigfoot the project’
    ‘these moves are early efforts at bigfooting potential challengers’


1950s: from the size of the creature's footprints (the term is recorded from the mid 19th century as a nickname for a person with large feet).