Definition of bigener in English:



  • A hybrid produced by crossing plants of two different genera.

    • ‘In these bigeners the result generally resembled the female parent almost entirely.’
    • ‘In assembling and propagating such bigeners they would ensure their survival, not just as genetical freaks but in many cases as vigorous novelties of no small horticultural potential.’
    • ‘Mr. Wilks exhibited a plant named Chionoscilla, which was considered to be undoubtedly a bigener between Chionodoxa and Scilla bifolia.’
    • ‘A bigener, containing as it does components of parents classified under separate genera, cannot logically be placed under either generic name.’
    • ‘If the pollen from one of the genus Primula fertilises an ovule belonging to a flower of e.g., the genus Hottonia, a bigener would result.’
    cross-breed, cross, mixed breed, half-breed, hybrid
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Mid 19th century: Latin, from bi- + genus, gener- genus.