Definition of big toe in English:

big toe


  • The largest toe, on the inner side of the foot.

    ‘he left the game with an injury to his right big toe’
    • ‘This comment shocked Abra so much she missed her big toe and got nail polish over her foot.’
    • ‘A thin strap forms a "V" shape, and fits right between the big toe and the second toe.’
    • ‘I kneeled down so I could look at his big toe.’
    • ‘Some of the symptoms of bunions include inflammation, swelling, and soreness on the side surface of the big toe.’
    • ‘We see him calmly trying to wiggle his big toe - it moves.’
    • ‘After death, the dead person's face is covered with a handkerchief and the big toes are tied together.’
    • ‘No more dropping the screwdriver on your big toe.’
    • ‘With her big toe sticking out through a hole in her white sock, she looks the role of a young housewife rather than a classy movie star.’
    • ‘Raise up on both feet, pushing through the big toes.’
    • ‘He stubbed his big toe and after a few hops and muffled curses he slowly made his way into the bathroom.’