Definition of big sticks in English:

big sticks

plural noun

Australian Rules Football
  • The main goalposts, as distinct from the behind posts.

    ‘they were sloppy in front of the big sticks’
    • ‘A net has been strung between the two big sticks with the aim being to guide the ball through the net using this telepathic power.’
    • ‘He kicks a wild snap over his head and it sails through the big sticks.’
    • ‘Ultimately, football is about how effectively and efficiently your team can move the ball from the centre bounce down the field and through the big sticks at your end.’
    • ‘They kicked poorly with four times as many shots going wide of the big sticks as those that they managed to slot through.’
    • ‘His massive effort from outside 50 on a windy day goes through the big sticks for a goal.’
    • ‘He kicked 249 goals, the Australian record, during a season in which he missed the big sticks almost as many times as he put the ball through them.’
    • ‘We'd be back in the days when a goal umpire wearing a long coat was standing between the big sticks and only moved to get his flags.’
    • ‘A big thanks to all who logged on and read the blog as goal after goal passed through the big sticks.’
    • ‘They were deadly in front of the big sticks, drilling home 6.0 for the quarter.’
    • ‘If we can get a few through the big sticks, which is the object of the game, then hopefully we'll be competitive again.’