Definition of big spit in English:

big spit


the big spit
NZ, Australian
  • An act of vomiting.

    ‘her hubby was over the rails going for the big spit’
    ‘suddenly he was clutching his stomach and doing the big spit again’
    • ‘He picked up a bug that's apparently flying around, did the big spit most of Monday, then seemed to recover.’
    • ‘He went for the big spit, and he chundered in the old Pacific Sea.’
    • ‘None of them was at the table to witness the big spit.’
    • ‘My friend did not carry the 99-cent hotdog to full term and performed the big spit into a trash can.’
    • ‘My Australian neighbour had been as good as his word and had indulged in what he graphically called the big spit.’
    • ‘Arms elbow out, covered in a slick of sweat, he gave a pretty big spit onto the road, then wiped his face on his shirt front.’
    • ‘Your little one can overeat from the bottle if Grandma isn't careful, and that can cause the big spit too.’
    • ‘I am having a little bit of trouble picturing that dainty young thing, hugging the commode, doing the big spit.’
    • ‘As we got home from that lousy place, I had to go for the big spit.’
    • ‘The sea becomes quite choppy after lunch and several men go for the big spit.’