Definition of big hair in English:

big hair


mass nouninformal
  • A bouffant hairstyle, especially one that has been teased, permed, or sprayed to create volume.

    • ‘Far too many to mention, but I do have an absolute adoration for any 80's rock, especially if the singer has big hair 'n' bad attitude, hopefully Bon Jovi will lead you this way.’
    • ‘Moore laughs: ‘You stay away from garish oranges and pinks and really big hair and shoulder pads.’’
    • ‘Orlando, with his characteristic big hair, tall shoes, and omnipresent moustache, oozed Vegas-style charm from every pore.’
    • ‘Dick O'Brien offers a link between big hair on players and massive wins on the rugby pitch.’
    • ‘Don't judge him by one of his earlier and often shown films, Julia Roberts' weepy Dying Young, in which Scott kicks off and plays second fiddle to Roberts and her big hair.’
    • ‘There's nothing scary about Hairspray, in which the evil of segregation is defeated by big hair, young love, and rock 'n' roll.’
    • ‘She also sees some big hair on the runways, but (count your blessings) no blue eyeshadow.’
    • ‘We can't help feeling that fashion is recycling a bit too fast - is 20 years really long enough to build up sufficient supplies of nostalgia to imbue big hair and leggings with a degree of chic again?’
    • ‘Prepare yourself for lots of big hair, glitter, sparkly outfits and some incredible shoes in this ‘naughty but nice’ production.’
    • ‘Perming methods have changed drastically since the last time big hair was a must.’
    • ‘And it was reflected in her big hair, which was very quintessential, you know, hairdo of the time.’
    • ‘Avoid big hair, lots of curls, wedge styles or super short cuts.’
    • ‘No, not the one that says, ‘More big hair than a Texas beauty pageant.’’
    • ‘Out went the jeans, T-shirts, and sneakers and in came leather, studs, chains, moustaches, biker boots and the impossibly big hair.’
    • ‘We're going to have to do that look out at the clubs sometime: seriously big hair, enormous earrings, loud make-up, sparkly dresses and the highest heels.’
    • ‘Indian Hindi-language cinema is no longer about women draped in wet saris, actor-heroes with big hair and song-and-dance routines around trees.’
    • ‘In one split second glance at the screen, I had seen more big hair, false eyelashes and cleavage than I'd ever imagined existed in my parents' youth.’
    • ‘Now we are going back to glossy models with big hair.’
    • ‘Big meeting, so: black trousers, black boots, camel cashmere cardigan, black leather jacket, camel scarf, black gloves, big hair, big grin.’
    • ‘I would think gay men love you because you're a classic diva - big voice, big emotions, big hair…’


big hair