Definition of big government in English:

big government


mass nounNorth American
  • Government perceived as excessively interventionist and intruding into all aspects of the lives of its citizens.

    • ‘Nothing is the one thing that big government is capable of doing quite well.’
    • ‘Local government will always want more big government spending in their area, more infrastructure, more resources.’
    • ‘We are as suspicious of big business as we are of big government.’
    • ‘However, we must correct these popular fallacies in order to properly address the ills that stem from intervention by big government.’
    • ‘Government members believe in big government and they believe in control.’
    • ‘To them, public-spiritedness and unity of purpose are the soil from which big government springs.’
    • ‘Sources in the PR industry claim big government projects are more lucrative than giving direct advice to ministers.’
    • ‘Big government in practice proved less attractive than big government in prospect.’
    • ‘What all of them could agree on, however, was the vital importance of big government.’
    • ‘I'm opposed to big government and would like to see some sort of co-op system.’
    • ‘The regret is that this bill represents a regime of big government, State intrusion, compliance costs, and regulation.’
    • ‘Americans don't trust big government and are reluctant to pay for it.’
    • ‘But we don't need big government intruding on the sidelines of our God-given football games.’
    • ‘The hostility of libertarians to big government extended to U.S. involvement in the world.’
    • ‘Smith is against big government and bureaucracy, as he believes many open shop workers are.’
    • ‘Doing so would cast some much needed doubt on the stereotype that progressives love big government.’
    • ‘It's a good idea to limit the size of the welfare state, but big government is inevitable in modern society.’
    • ‘If you support tax cuts and big government, there's no one left to vote against you.’
    • ‘They applaud big government and, indeed, they acknowledge that.’
    • ‘If so, we may be halfway toward the next popular uprising against big government.’


big government