Definition of big girl's blouse in English:

big girl's blouse


  • A weak, cowardly, or oversensitive man.

    ‘no matter how a lad feels, it's just not the done thing to display his emotions—he might be accused of being a big girl's blouse’
    • ‘According to the media, he is a big girl's blouse who deserves to feel the smack of firm government.’
    • ‘He has let ‘I dare not’ wait upon ‘I would’; he has been a big girl's blouse.’
    • ‘Lee then made some sarcastic remarks about Carlo having ironed his jeans to within an inch of their life and called him a big girl's blouse.’
    • ‘He's bringing his thrash/death Metal vocalist heroes out into the daylight because all you big girl's blouses need to hear them.’
    • ‘He's a bloody big girl's blouse who wears velour pants.’
    • ‘We would have called him a big girl's blouse, that's what.’
    • ‘He is just a big girl's blouse and justice has been served.’
    • ‘if you believed the press the way he dresses makes him a big girl's blouse, but on the other hand his hair-cut makes him a thug!’
    • ‘This leaves him open to accusations of being a big girl's blouse.’
    • ‘The most striking thing about Philp though is not his expertise but the fact that he runs like a big girl's blouse.’
    • ‘It would seem that the guy has his heart set on me breaking down and blubbering like a big girl's blouse - which just isn't going to happen.’
    • ‘Robbo, what do you think of the big girl's blouses of football who burst into tears whenever they fall over?’
    • ‘You can see why people might think you're a bit of a big girl's blouse, because you have manicures, sunbeds and bleach your hair.’
    • ‘Sorry for the bitterness, I'm just going to go and watch Superman and cry for a bit like a big girl's blouse.’
    • ‘We have been called everything, big girl's blouses even, by a lot of ex-Rangers players who I believe have never had a bad game in their lives.’
    • ‘I was pleased at first because it meant I could tell Bill I wasn't a big girl's blouse - but then they told me I had to have my leg in plaster for 25 days.’
    • ‘Perhaps some scholar of Latin would care to show off like a big girl's blouse, impress us with their immense knowledge and tell us whether the ‘i’ in Vicus is pronounced as in ‘git’ or as in ‘visa’.’
    • ‘In fact, we suggest members of the public call him a big girl's blouse.’
    • ‘I'm sure part of this is due to standard male upbringing, which requires you to endure injury without visible distress unless you're a big girl's blouse.’
    • ‘‘It's £995,000 more than £5,000,’ he bleats - the big girl's blouse!’