Definition of Big Daddy in English:

Big Daddy

(also Big Chief)


  • A person in authority; the head of an organization or enterprise.

    • ‘Of course, the Big Daddy of advocates for personal investment accounts within Social Security is the President.’
    • ‘The director boasts of his being the wealthiest man in the country, of his being the big chief of innumerable companies, of his merciless behavior towards his former enemies, and of his ability to convince people of things that are untrue.’
    • ‘The Big Chief has resigned for ‘personal reasons’ and ‘to pursue other career interests’.’
    • ‘Whatever happened to the big daddy of Rock 'n' Roll?’
    • ‘This park, along with Cedar Point, is the Big Daddy of rollercoaster parks.’
    • ‘I appeal to you as the big chief of this country to support the millions of indigenous people like us around the world by signing the convention.’
    • ‘Speeding drivers be warned: a new camera system purporting to be the "big daddy" of speed cameras could soon be on its way to the UK.’
    • ‘I thought it was quite a coup and a privilege to have the big Chief of the Society visit our relatively small branch.’
    • ‘Sensual, dangerous and vulnerable, the young actress captures the balance between her character's desire to be in on Big Daddy's inheritance and her affronted sexual pride in her childless marriage.’
    • ‘Exactly 30 years ago the original Big Daddy seized power and began a nine-year reign of terror.’