Definition of big bud in English:

big bud


mass noun
  • A disease of blackcurrant bushes in which the buds become swollen due to the presence of gall mites.

    The mite is Cecidophyopsis ribis, family Eriophyidae

    • ‘Look to blackcurrants for ‘big bud’; pinch off infected buds and burn them.’
    • ‘Always watch out for Big Bud in the Spring and pick off the bigger buds before the trouble gets a real hold.’
    • ‘We've been asked not to have bonfires on the allotment, and fair enough but what to do with a big blackcurrant bush uprooted due to big bud’
    • ‘It is spread by a mite vector, the blackcurrant gall mite, or big bud mite, Cecidophyopsis ribis.’
    • ‘During the winter I renovated an old row of redcurrants, quite successfully it seems, but now I realise that I have inadvertently retained a blackcurrant bush that has big bud reversion.’