Definition of big break in English:

big break


  • An opportunity or chance that leads to professional success, especially in sport or show business.

    ‘she is an out-of-work actress waiting tables until she gets her big break’
    • ‘Roman Holiday was Audrey Hepburn's big break.’
    • ‘He's still waiting for his big break into films, and moonlights in any movie project that may help him make connections.’
    • ‘However, his big break came when he won the role of chain-smoking forensic psychiatrist Fitz in Cracker, the hard-hitting police drama that marked a landmark in British television.’
    • ‘He got his first big break playing a high school boy having a last fling before heading off to college.’
    • ‘She hoped that Cut would be her big break back into mainstream movies.’
    • ‘He loved being on location, but because nobody saw his scene, it didn't give him his big break.’
    • ‘He formed another long-term artistic relationship with G. Stanton Gallery in Dallas, which gave him his first big break and continues to sell his work today.’
    • ‘The aspiring producer's big break came after working as an assistant engineer at Townhouse Studios.’
    • ‘This is a droll drama revolving around a junior financial adviser who finally gets his big break when he is assigned to the prestigious portfolio of a very wealthy client.’
    • ‘Our big break came through a connection we made at the Newport Film Festival.’