Definition of big box in English:

big box


North American
  • usually as modifier A very large store that sells goods at discount prices, especially one specializing in a particular type of merchandise.

    ‘a new range of products now available at big box retailers’
    • ‘There are, of course, large pet stores, catalog retailers, plus the big box outlets.’
    • ‘In more recent years, the commercial area along Highway 2 has become home of the visual anarchy of ugly big box stores and strip malls.’
    • ‘I don't know if I'll have much luck with the big box stores in the city, but I'll give it a try.’
    • ‘If more people shop at the big box stores, it can only mean more people prefer them to small local businesses.’
    • ‘Will Huntington Drive surrender its decrepit auto-body shops only to make way for chain stores and big boxes?’
    • ‘In addition, mom-and-pop shops are facing more competition from big box stores and Internet sites.’
    • ‘Yes, there is heavy competition from big box outlets, specialty stores and the Internet.’
    • ‘In general, I don't like to shop big box and chain stores anyway, but that's another topic.’
    • ‘I really would suggest that you go to one of the big box housewares stores & get new bedroom furnishings.’
    • ‘And, if that doesn't work, try hanging out in the tool section of your nearby big box home renovation store.’
    • ‘Sprawl is driven in part by the fact that new shopping centers, big box stores, and town house complexes need large tracts of land.’
    • ‘We chat for a while about deforestation, unions, big box stores and global politics.’
    • ‘Now, there are some issues with big box stores, but people usually blow it off.’
    • ‘He is more tolerant of the idea of the big box store because he said some people need stores with cheap alternatives.’
    • ‘As a result, some entrepreneurs who sell their products to the big boxes have decided to forgo more generic trade shows.’
    • ‘He is also concerned about the social and environmental effects of big box stores in Regina.’
    • ‘The big box discount retailer is always in the news, garnering both good and bad press.’
    • ‘Only big box stores offered extended warranties for them back then.’
    • ‘The truth of the matter is that as a community, we end up being more burdened financially when these big box stores move in.’
    • ‘We courted big box stores and chain restaurants because we had low self-esteem about what our town had to offer.’