Definition of big-timer in English:



  • See big time

    • ‘UCLA counters with some big-timers of its own, most notably corner Ricky Manning and safety Marques Anderson.’
    • ‘Pollack's casts bulge with big-timers whose personalities often stand in for character and motivation.’
    • ‘He still has big-timers Green and Walker, but the losses of guards Rivera and Wahle are blows.’
    • ‘He's had his own company, now based in Aix-en-Provence, for seventeen years, and his sleek creations figure in the repertories of big-timers: the Paris Opéra, Bolshoi, and New York City Ballets.’
    • ‘The guilty parties, by the way, are not fly-by-night companies but big-timers like R.J. Reynolds and Brown & Williamson.’
    • ‘There already are some decent alternatives in most leagues, and don't forget that for every big-timer who takes a seat this week there's a small-timer who will get a shot.’
    • ‘Now a bona fide big-timer at home, Lau, like other local talent, is looking to branch out internationally.’
    • ‘Like Sally, Atlantic City's Grace is a shrill, unstable aging beauty, grasping at her fading identity as an erstwhile big-timer's widow.’
    • ‘He was such a late bloomer that, by the time big-timers Illinois, Penn State, Iowa, and TCU came calling, he was deep into his senior season.’
    • ‘In fact, tomorrow night, I know, in the finale, you've got some big-timers.’