Definition of big-note in English:



Australian, NZ
  • 1no object Display one's wealth ostentatiously.

    ‘I don't want them to think I'm big-noting’
    • ‘That is what he did—big-noting—and he got caught up in it.’
    • ‘He admitted he had been drinking the night before and may have been big-noting.’
    • ‘Anyone doubting this only had to have witnessed his outrageous big-noting the night before at a cocktail party.’
    • ‘He was big-noting for the cameras—as usual.’
    • ‘She failed to appreciate the dangers inherent in his penchant for big-noting.’
    • ‘If you're getting that claustrophobic, painted-into-a-corner feeling, make more room to move by deleting non-essential activities—watching TV, getting cross, big-noting.’
    • ‘Their mate, without big-noting, has turned the tables, big time, on the loudmouth.’
    • ‘He doesn't say too much, and he doesn't big-note.’
    • ‘He could well have been big-noting among his friends and business associates.’
    • ‘You live in a world where you big-note and fantasize about what you do.’
    1. 1.1big-note oneselfwith object Exaggerate one's importance or achievements.
      ‘it was an attempt by a local businessman to big-note himself with the local MP’
      • ‘No self-respecting politician would miss the chance these days to big-note themselves at a major extension of a beleaguered railway system.’
      • ‘He tried to brush it off as councillors big-noting themselves by dropping the names of prominent ministers.’
      • ‘One of his fellow activists accused him of big-noting himself at the expense of illegal aliens.’
      • ‘I hope there is something more here than just big-noting oneself.’
      • ‘I'm getting rather sick of hearing you both big-noting yourselves.’
      • ‘He was self-effacing, he didn't big-note himself, but he was a gifted musician and was quite good with people.’
      • ‘She swans around the world, big-noting herself to anyone who cares to listen, while her people are dying on hospital waiting lists.’
      • ‘He wants to take the credit for them so he can big-note himself.’
      • ‘I miss the good old times of just talking crap, when you'd big-note yourself and I'd scoff quietly to myself.’
      • ‘We're thinking this dude is not trying to big-note himself, so this must be true.’
      brag, crow, swagger, swank, gloat, show off, blow one's own trumpet, sing one's own praises, congratulate oneself, pat oneself on the back
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1940s: a reference to large-denomination banknotes which, in pre-decimal currency, were also larger in size than the smaller denominations.