Definition of big-head in English:



  • A conceited or arrogant person.

    • ‘As his teammates chaired him from the field, I couldn't help thinking that Luffy was a star, not because of what he was, but what he wasn't - he was not a deadest champ, he was not a big-head, he was not dull.’
    • ‘Dr Rock said he was expecting Chris to be a bit of a big-head given his familial proximity to rock royalty… but not so.’
    • ‘Somewhere where I can be away from big-heads!’
    • ‘Imagine the power I'd have; no more interfering from big-head.’
    • ‘I don't know why I'm hanging with big-head, the boastful of all that is dumb guy stuff, otherwise known as Jordon.’
    • ‘It means knowing and accepting the truth about yourself, not being a big-head with mighty notions about yourself.’
    • ‘Indeed, though his bluster may encourage some to perceive him as a big-head he is nothing of the sort.’
    • ‘I'm not like some of those big-head celebrity hounds who are too good for people or who get into movies for free.’
    • ‘He added the IBF title in 1997, and his impressive American debut, in which he knocked out former world champion Kevin Kelley in four rounds in Madison Square Garden, suggested the Prince may not be so much a big-head as a realist.’
    • ‘We are a very good team, there are no big-heads and everyone is working for each other.’
    • ‘He did not come over as a big-head, but was a humble man.’
    • ‘Every story we diving big-heads had told each other about the dangers of being sick into our breathing tubes at depth leapt to mind.’
    boaster, brag, bragger, show-off, blusterer, trumpeter, swaggerer, poser, poseur, poseuse, peacock, egotist, self-publicist
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