Definition of bifilar in English:



  • Consisting of or involving two threads or wires.

    • ‘Use two different colors to make it easier to locate and connect the bifilar windings.’
    • ‘In the present invention the stator is bifilar wound with, as shown in the description, at least two bifilar pairs wound to provide alternate pairs of windings about the stator periphery.’
    • ‘A light aluminum index is suspended from a bifilar silk fiber housed in a long glass tube.’
    • ‘This is not the case with the bifilar coil, which affects the relay's performance at all times.’
    • ‘The same amount of voltage, from the same battery, produces twice as much energy in the bifilar wound coil as in the single wound coil.’


Mid 19th century: from bi- ‘two’ + filum ‘thread’ + -ar.