Definition of biffo in English:



mass nounAustralian
  • Physical or verbal conflict.

    ‘he got a red card for a bit of biffo in the box with the keeper’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the sport's base still hankers for characters, risk, flair and a bit of biffo for good measure.’
    • ‘It's a revenge saga, set in 1730s China, with loads of biffo, unspoiled by trifles like a plot.’
    • ‘Plenty of runs, plenty of action, a bit of biffo… I'm very excited, very happy, deeply proud.’
    • ‘There was plenty of biffo in the first quarter.’
    • ‘Terry's also a former first grade Rugby Union player, so I guess he knows a bit about biffo on the field, first-hand.’
    • ‘Like most martial arts movies, this action thriller is full of bad dialogue, hopeless acting and plenty of biffo for anyone with a short attention span.’
    • ‘To most voters, it probably looked merely like a bit of the usual political biffo, more incomprehensible than usual.’
    • ‘The rest is rollicking biffo in leather skirts, with a classy cast.’
    • ‘It's bloody awful when a player you have high hopes for does a knee in a bit of biffo.’
    • ‘The NZ Herald reported a court case over a spot of biffo in Gisborne.’
    • ‘The South Australian redistribution could mean biffo for Labor as the factions fight.’
    • ‘It was soothing to think of him up there on the Beehive's ninth floor, doing biffo with the world on our behalf.’
    • ‘I think the only way they will beat the Wallabies is to put the biffo on (Australian for get stuck in).’
    • ‘To make matters worse, an alien monster has bobbed up in Hong Kong harbour keen for a bit of biffo.’
    • ‘Maybe the producers are hoping for a bit of biffo this year?’
    • ‘It looks like being essential election viewing for those with a taste for a bit of biffo.’
    • ‘As violent as it got was on the rugby field with a little biffo here and there.’
    • ‘Billy (a charming Jamie Bell), is motherless, his dad and brother jobless, and he prefers ballet to biffo.’
    • ‘But if you're begging for biffo, why not have a look at the state parliamentary party.’
    • ‘Only when the brain is already fired up for a bit of biffo does testosterone add more fuel to the fire.’